Dressing Properly for a Funeral

Funerals are a time for mourning and letting go. It is a time to respect and support the family of the dearly departed. It is important to dress properly when attending funeral services because you are not only looking at a casket or coffin with a body. You will be attending the final farewell to a person who was deeply loved when he or she was still alive.

Some people just forget that a funeral is not a party. It is important not to dress up in loud colours and outrageous outfits which will take the attention of the people from the dearly departed to you. Although funerals are a celebration of the dead one’s life, it does not mean that you should dress as if you are going to a party. Here are some tips on how to dress properly for a funeral.

Black is the traditional colour in the Western world when it comes to burials and funerals. However, this does not mean that you are only restricted to black. There are also other colours which are appropriate for funerals too.

For men

funeral dress code menFor men, the colour for funeral is mostly restricted to black, white and brown but black is more preferred. Wear a black suit with a tie shirt underneath. A long necktie would complete the look but you should avoid wearing too much jewelry or hair products. Remember that this is a somber affair.

Depending on the family of the deceased, some other colours and clothes are also appropriate for the occasion such as blue suit or a red necktie. Some people have even found it appropriate to wear t-shirts but please do not wear such a thing unless you really have no choice.

If you are one of the pallbearers, you should wear a dark suit or a coat and tie. You want to look respectful for the event.

For women

women dress code funeralWomen should choose the classic colour that is black. Not only is it appropriate, it is a colour which flatters everyone. If you want to pay your respects to your dead friend and look good at the same time, black is perfect! Make sure that your dress has sleeves. Accessorizing is acceptable but you should not go overboard. Simple is always is still the best way to go.

You should also remember to choose your shoes well. Too high heels is not only uncomfortable, it can also be distracting.

For children

Although children may not realize the event they are attending, you should not forget to prepare appropriate clothes for them too.  Little boys should be dressed in black suits, similar to what adult men would wear.

Little girls should wear a dress which flows straight down from the shoulders. Avoid anything shimmery such as sequins or beading. Pay attention to the shoes of little ones. It is most appropriate for little girls to wear ballet flats and for little boys to wear loafers or plain black sneakers.

Last word: Always remember to wear something which is not only conservative but tasteful. You can be in mourning and still be respectable and fashionable at the same time.