Burial Caskets

The death of a loved one is a time for grief; however it is also important to be composed enough to make important decisions such as choosing the right casket as the last vessel of our loved ones. There are various kinds of caskets sold today and in your time of pain you might not be able to determine correctly what will look best for you loved one.

Listed below are some of the different types of burial caskets sold by funeral parlors today. Read through them and be better informed.

Veneer caskets

caskets typesVeneer caskets look very good with wood veneers. Veneering has been done for more than 4,000 years and it is produced by slicing, peeling and even sawing a thin layer of wood into different standards and thicknesses. The superb detailing and beautiful finishing separates the veneer caskets by other types. If you want a veneer casket, you have to be prepared to shell out a bit more money.

Metal caskets

Metal caskets can be made from a wide variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, copper and bronze. Metal caskets fall in two categories, 20-gauge metal caskets and 18-gauge metal caskets. Metal caskets are popular because they are very durable and they can last a long time. The price of metal caskets varies based on the material used.

Hardwood caskets

Hardwood caskets are durable and elegant and they are made from a variety of leaf-bearing trees namely mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry, pine, ash, cedar and poplar.  The workmanship of the casket is highlighted by the wood. The price of hardwood caskets are dictated by the material used and the type of interior, as well as finish materials used.

Cloth covered caskets

Cloth covered caskets are very popular because they are not so expensive as low cost materials are used during construction. These caskets are made from a basic base material such as pressed wood and corrugated fiberboard.  The exterior part of the casket is covered with cloth and the interior has a pillow and bedding which is hand sewn.

Funeral or burial caskets can be acquired from your local funeral home or from an outside vendor. You should keep in mind that it is the duty of the funeral director to give you a list of all the options available to you along with their prices. The funeral director should also not compel you to purchase any casket which is against your choice and also cannot compel you to only purchase from them. The internet can be great tool if you want to know more about the choices available to you.

The real reason behind selecting a particular casket is its finish and beauty but you should also keep your budget in mind, as well as your loved one’s personality and perhaps religion. You want your loved one to look well and you want them to have a decent send-off and this can be come without spending too much money. It is important that you also be practical with your choices.