Arrangements for Interment

Once a loved one departs from this earth to go to the next life, there are critical decisions to be made. Today, there are various options for dead loved ones. They can be cremated or buried. These permanent arrangements are to be made by the family of the dearly departed. Choosing a final resting place for your beloved should be thought of well.

Earth burial

intermentIn cultures all over the world, a good number of people are buried in cemeteries. This is a process which involves purchasing a gravesite or a cemetery lot.  A lot of families have pre-purchased cemetery lots where they wish to inter their loved ones. However, there are some people who are buried not in cemeteries but on personal property. Earth burial requires caskets and coffins, as well as a burial vault.

Mausoleum entombment

Another popular option for people who would like to be buried is the mausoleum entombment. A mausoleum is a big sepulchral monument which has a chamber inside            in which the coffins, caskets and urns are stored. The remains of the dearly departed are to kept in a lasting way. Mausoleums are very popular because they can house not only a single deceased person but an entire family. Mausoleums are more popular in areas where earth burial is difficult.

Planning your funeral

Cemeteries are final resting places and it is important to choose the right one, either for you or for loved one.  Planning your funeral well ahead of time is a good thing to do because it puts you in control and ensures that your wishes will be known and done.

Your surviving family might not know what your final wishes are if you do not make them known well ahead. They may assume that they know your wishes but they end up burying you even if you really want to be cremated.

When you plan your funeral it also puts you in a better position to set aside enough funds and relieve your family of financial burdens. It is quite difficult to predict what your family’s financial situation will be when you finally leave this earth. With funds prepared just for your interment, cremation or burial, you do not have to put your family through difficult emotional, as well as financial times.

When your affairs are in order, you will have peace of mind. You need not worry about what will happen to your family. As a matter of fact, your family will appreciate the fact that you were considerate enough to think about their welfare and their well-being.

Funeral plans can be elaborate and they can also be very simple, depending on your budget and preferences. You may also want to specify the cemetery, the crematorium and the other myriad of details which must be dealt with pertaining to death. You can pre-choose the color of your casket, the material and even the music to your service. Doing so will ensure that those who are left only need to carry out your orders and don’t need to worry too much about what to do.