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The Various Types of Funeral Services Offered Today

Funeral services vary from one place to another. It can take many forms and a person’s cultural or religious traditions, as well as his or her personality and preferences can sometimes dictate these various forms. Many of the well known funeral directors Dublin has offer all types of funeral services. One such parlour is Rom Massey Funeral Directors Dublin. Choosing an undertaker with proper IT support in place can help with the running of a funeral and prevent unwanted hiccups. Funeral services run the gamut from simple to ostentatious but the most common types are the following:

  • Christian burial services
  • Secular burial services
  • Memorial services

Christian burial services

Funeral Directors FlowersMillions of people all over the world are Christians and Christians mark death in a different way from people of other religions. A typical Christian service includes a lot of things, including welcoming people and inviting them to the place of the deceased or to a funeral home. They grieve with the family and for the family’s loss.

The Bible is then read, prayers are said and hymns are sung. The life of the deceased is then summed up, as well as his or her work and personality. Everyone is invited to join the prayers, even those of different religions.

The soul of the deceased is wished good rest and peace in the next life. This is also an opportunity for the family to say their final farewells to their beloved.  The coffin is then closed and slowly lowered into the earth for burial or it could also be cremated.

Secular services

If the funeral celebration is not religious or secular, there is no professional celebrant. The service is flexible and can be easily organized to suit the needs of the people, as well as the deceased.

Memorial services

Memorial services are most commonly held during occasions when the deceased’s body is not present. This may be because the body has not been released yet; the body has been donated for medical research; the body has been cremated or buried somewhere else; or the body has not been recovered or found yet.


After the funeral services have been finished, most people and most religions remember the deceased through a wake.  The wake can be a simple family gathering, which can be arranged by the family itself, or just the funeral directors Dublin. Some of the things, which can be expected during the wake, are a cup of tea, coffee and sandwiches and of course, talks remembering the deceased when he was still alive.

Popularity of cremation

One of the growing alternatives for burial is cremation. Cremation is when you expose the body of the deceased to extreme heat until it is reduced to nothing but bone fragments. The ashes of the deceased can be buried or kept inside the house. Cremation is quick and convenient and these are just some of the reasons why it has become one of the leading ways in taking care of a deceased loved one’s body.

Cremation is also less expensive compared to traditional ground burial. It is actually currently the cheapest form of human interment. There are numerous memorial options which you can choose from if you opt for cremation. As mentioned you can bury the ashes of your loved one, scatter it somewhere or keep it in the home.